5 Restaurants with a Unique Concept in the World

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Restaurants with a Unique Concept 

Sometimes, grabbing a bite to satisfy your appetite and enjoying the convenient atmosphere at your local dining spot just do not cut it. Sometimes, you wish you are somewhere far, eating while experiencing a unique dining experience that takes you a bit out of your comfort zone.

If that is really what you want for the next lunch or dinner plan, I would like to recommend you 5 restaurants with a unique concept in the world for a starter.

  • Cannibalistic Sushi

Cannibalistic Sushi is a sushi restaurant in Tokyo, Japan. The concept of the restaurant is fully committed to cannibalistic theme. There are also waitresses in nurse’s costumes wheeling out your food. Speaking of food, the food−in this case, the sushi−is served in the shape of a part of human body.

  • Robot Restaurant

Robot Restaurant is a restaurant in Harbin, China. Just as the name suggests, it has robotic features as its concept, starting from the hosts, to the servers, and to the cooks even. Those robotic staffs will make sure that every customer has been properly attended to.

What makes it all the more interesting is that those robotic staffs are able to display more than 10 facial expressions, as well as say basic phrase to customers. The customers are even permitted to watch the robotic chefs handle and prepare their foods.

  • Dinner in the Sky

Before you plan to eat at Dinner in the Sky, make sure you have conquered your phobia of heights, the customers will be transported 150 feet in the air. Do not worry about your safety though. All the practice will be carried by a crew of professionals; so, all you need to do is hype up to long hours of fine dining in the sky.

The concept of Dinner in the Sky can be applied to anywhere, as long as there is a securable surface of 500 square meters. It is so unusual. No wonder the restaurant can make it to the list of 5 restaurants with a unique concept in the world.

  • Fife & Drum

Fife & Drum is a restaurant in Concord, Massachusetts, in which the menu consists of prison foods. They adopt the concept of prison quite literally. so, do not be surprised if you find all the foods are handled and prepared by prisoners.

  • El Diablo

El Diablo is a restaurant in Spain which known with its invention of new cooking method. The new cooking method includes a live volcanic hole in the ground of Lanzarote on which you will cook your food.

In order to cook large amounts of food altogether, El Diablo restaurant built a giant grill over the live volcano hole for the customers. They serve a wide range of foods with succulent meats and flavorful veggies as their basic ingredients.

Surely, some are a little stranger than others. So, have you decided which one of those 5 restaurants with a unique concept in the world you will visit?

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